I've thrived and now coach others in the world of business, corporate leadership, and mindfulness. When over-doing and over-striving permeates our inner well-being, we lose sight of our own authenticity, power, and center.  When living in balance with our own True Self, we remember who we are and the importance of keeping our inner fire stoked and clear.  Sometimes, we get carried away with achieving ... and what may result is burn-out, stress, and compromised health.  Even in the world of yoga and mindfulness, edges of striving, perfectionism, and searching for wholeness can be equally concerning.  When we see these two worlds as learning companions to one another, optimizing the tools of each world for positive change and transformation, healthy striving can be fueled.  

This is my work.  I bridge the gap between these worlds.  I meet people where they are, and we uncover the necessary steps on the path where Excessive Doing subsides and Authentic Being thrives.  

Be Bold, Be True, Be You!  Are you ready to uncover your full potential?

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