Who hasn't been impacted by change?  Change is what happens naturally every minute of every day, and yet, human creatures are often resistant to change.  You are invited to open the door to learn more about how to embrace change and move through Change Acceptance, Acceleration, and Exhilaration.


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The brain is the powerful command center for the body, housing billions of neurons that connect the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of a being. The intention of this book is to explore the workings of the brain from a neuroscience perspective, compare western and eastern approaches to the connection of mind and body, and to offer actions for cultivating and sustaining creativity, innovation and winning ideas.

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Yoga for Children — The core purpose of this book is to educate parents, teachers and yoga professionals in a kid-popular and educational sequence of yoga poses to the twenty-six letters of the English alphabet. The poses challenge children to utilize kinesthetic movement and deep breathing as they learn the alphabetical letters and sounds while they invoke their creative spirits.


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In collaboration with Betsy Stix, we published a manual for people wanting guidance for how to offer the gift of yoga, creative movement, and mindfulness to youth from tots to teens.  Check out over 100 pages of techniques, practice tips, breath exercises, games, yoga poses, and meditations based on varied stages of childhood development.  Clients rave about the content, the layout of the material, and the value of decades of experience.

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